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The governor at first denied the affair, holding a press conference in Louisville Sept. 18, the day Conner filed suit. Asked by reporters what she had to say, Judi Patton, who was appearing with her husband, told reporters they didn't have all the facts. Judi Patton was not present at the press conference two days later, when the governor admitted to the affair. He continues to deny any misuse of power for or against Conner.

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A spokesperson for the governor's office said she was not sure if Judi Patton would remain in Frankfort or return to Pikeville. "That, I don't know," said Channell Barbour, in the governor's communications office. The Pattons have since cancelled a vacation planned for their 25th anniversary. Judi Patton, as first lady, has worked on several projects and initiatives to fight abuse of women and children.

Tuesday's luncheon was part of the White Ribbon Project, led by the First Lady and the Governor's Office of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Services. It honored 21 men from Kentucky and around the nation who have fought against violence against women. And country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who appeared in public service ads against domestic violence and wrote a song on the subject.

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The woman who has accused Gov. Paul Patton of misuse of power has said she is supposed to meet with federal investigators today, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation wouldn't confirm a meeting. Sheryl Snyder, an attorney for Patton, acknowledged last week that FBI agents had begun questioning people involved in the scandal. An FBI spokesman today still said he couldn't confirm an investigation was ongoing or that any meeting with Patton's ex-lover, Tina Conner, was scheduled.

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