Privacy Policy
Privacy policy is made to and followed by us only to provide you full protection towards your personal information. We take your personal information as you r name, your phone number, your email id. And we keep this information safely in our database.

Our main aim is to provide full safety towards our client. And it is possible only when we will take care of their personal information with full safety.

We take you full information when you make an enquiry on our website regarding our services or any other information. In that case we demand for registration process and in that process we take our clients brief information like their full name, full address, full email id, full contact number, etc.

We use this information to provide feedback to our clients and we send them feedback using their email id or using their phone number.

There are software’s which helps in preventing from any unwanted access in our website.

If a user is only searching and browsing our website and doing nothing but downloading information from our website then also our expert trackers track their information. Basic information tracked by our tracker is like their location from where they are accessing our website, date and time of accessing, their domain name, their server name, etc.

This information is helpful for us to find out users point of interest and then we can make our website more interactive by making efforts to change our website according to users use and need.